The power of the Word

Mike and Cher Riepma are back in Bolivia! Saying “good-bye” to family (especially the grandkids) and dear friends is never easy. On the flip side, it has been very encouraging for them to receive text messages and phone calls from their Ese Ejja family of faith welcoming them back home. What a joy to return knowing God is working in hearts and building His church in each community. Many are asking when Mike and Cher can visit and teach. New church buildings are going up in villages to accommodate all the new believers. They plan on dedicating these new church buildings to Lord in the next months. Emotions of sadness have quickly turned into joyful expectations of seeing God’s transforming power at work in hearts. To God be the glory!

Mike and Cher had the joy of attending the Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference last month and gave a work update along with their son Jared and family who serve in Asia-Pacific. They thank God for the dear families that have been so faithful to them and supportive of God’s work around the globe. They have prayed for many years and given sacrificially so they could print 3,000 copies of the NT and sponsor Bible/leadership conferences for the Ese Ejja churches. Mike and Cher believe that faith cometh by hearing (understanding) God’s Word. The power of that Word is transforming lives and impacting whole villages. Hearing the good report brought joy to their hearts. As the Gospel message is shared in each village Mike and Cher ask for prayer that the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ will not be mixed with false doctrines, legalism (trusting in forms, traditions, and man-made rules) and over the top emotions.