The power of prayer

One of the things that continues to amaze Phil and Elin Henderson is the tremendous power of prayer. Repeatedly over the years, they have seen the hand of God move in miraculous ways. They know that each time it is a direct result of the prayers of His saints.

As they look back on this past year in particular, they stand in awe of all that God has done. One of the most outstanding answers has been the healing that He has brought their daughter, Callie who is attending Bible college in Texas this year. Pray for continued growth for Callie and for a great year of study.

Their son Elias started back to school online. He injured his right ankle multiple times playing rugby over the past few years and has very recently had surgery. Pray for Elias that he will find full healing from his injuries and for him as he studies. Pray for wisdom for the school staff as they decide when and how the students will be able to return.

Elin can also attest to the power of healing prayer as she continues to improve each day after completing chemotherapy. She continues to receive immune therapy every three weeks. This will be finished in November. After that, they hope to be able to travel more, hopefully to Florida and beyond.

On top of that, they see God moving in the hearts of the Mwinika people. They are now free to meet in larger groups as believers, and they are eager to receive a new round of Scriptures and lessons that are being printed and sent in to them.

Pray that the Scripture that was printed in town will arrive soon. Transport is challenging right now due to Covid.

Praise the Lord for His protection so far from Covid, and pray for continued protection for the Mwinika people and others in Mozambique. Pray for the believers to stand firm in their faith and continue to be lights in their communities.

Pray for Phil as he continues to work on projects and teach classes remotely at the various missionary training institutes. So far, all of his travel plans for the year have been cancelled.

As they start to make plans, pray for upcoming travel and wisdom to decide when and how to return to Mozambique in 2021.

Thank you for being part of this story of the power of prayer!