The next step

This week, Luca and Lavi Muscianese fly to the Philippines, marking the next step they take with God towards fulfilling His calling. Their hearts are filled with gratitude and delight. Looking back, they can see clearly how God has made a way for them and brought them to this long awaited day. A long and sometimes difficult journey, fraught with challenges and discouragement but also with divine interventions, which they cherish as priceless treasures.

Their joy is combined with emotions that they have never experienced so intensely before. They knew it would be hard to say goodbye to the people who love them and whom they love, but they did not realise the heartbreak would be so palpable. With thoughts of Christ’s sacrifice and of those who have not yet heard, Luca and Lavi go forward – to the people God will give them to love and tell the Gospel in their language. Pray that the Lord will prepare their hearts to accept the message and believe on Him.

Luca and Lavi have spent the past months with family, in Romania, Austria and Italy. Thinking about the future and being so far away from their loved ones, Luca and Lavi enjoyed making as many memories as possible for the years to come, enjoying every day and thanking God for life.
They still have a few more goodbyes ahead of them and they would appreciate prayer.

Join Luca and Lavi in giving thanks for:

• God’s faithfulness
• God’s care and protection in all their journeys
• Health
• Finances
• Their long-term partners
• The 15 churches the Lord has given them as partners in ministry
• That God has been opening doors to lay the foundations for Ethnos360 Romania.

Pray with them for:
• Physical and spiritual health. For several months, they have felt the spiritual struggle intensifying.
• Final preparations
• Protection during the journey to the Philippines, especially for Luca who suffers from claustrophobia and the struggle this time seems more intense.
• Transitioning and adjusting to Filipino culture – even though they are excited about the move to Asia Pacific, they know they will inevitably go through culture shock.
• Learning Visayan
• Harmony with the other missionaries and that they would be a blessing, as Luca and Lavi want to be a solution and not a problem for years to come as they work together.
• A house that they can rent where they can feel safe, under God’s protection.