The next step

For André and Aurélie Tousch it has been a year and a half of learning the language, writing papers about culture, analysing the sounds and the grammar and coming up with an alphabet; all this work was necessary for the next step: literacy in the tribal language.
Aurélie has been working relentlessly on the literacy primers, and then the teacher’s manual. You might wonder, why she is writing a teacher’s manual. Because in the long run the missionary team want to train the most competent people so that they become teachers for the next literacy course. So they’ll need a manual with detailed instructions for each lesson.
The first classes should start in May and finish in August. They will be taught two hours a day, five days a week. There will be sixteen pupils, including men, women, elderly, and children. Some have already been to school and can read and write some Pidgin (the national language), others have never learnt and are totally illiterate. None of them knows how to read and write in their mother tongue so that is quite a step for them.
The whole village is quite excited about literacy and the people have started building a nice classroom building!
André has started with Bible Translation in the tribal language. He is starting with the Joseph Story (Genesis, chapters 37 and 39-45) – a long, easy to follow narrative, hence a good starting point for someone new to translating.
Several men from the village are helping with translation. Some of them help with writing the text, others help with comprehension tests. For the first time they are faced with God’s Word in their own language. Please pray for them, pray that this time spent studying the Word helps them understand who God is and how much He loves them!

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