The next step

Andrew and Eliza were encouraged and yet again reminded that they should commend their whole life to the Lord, as well as give themselves to win the Senegalese people over to Christ. If it’s worth the life of Christ, it’s certainly worth ours!
Pray for Andrew and Eliza during this next term as they serve at the Bourafaye Christian School before leaving on home assignment.
Andrew is thankful that he now has his Senegalese driver’s license!
Pray for renewed strength for Andrew and Eliza to show the fruit of the Holy Spirit to everyone around them!
They praise the Lord that recently they had a very encouraging discussion with the NTM leadership. Lord willing, after their home assignment, they will pursue reaching the Serer Saafen together with the local church. Pray for Andrew and Eliza as they work out the practicalities and a good strategy. Also pray for interest and passion within the local churches to reach out to this people group.

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