The next step

This year passed so quickly for Karin. Some days ago her neighbours were talking about the time when she arrived and she could say little more than “Hello”. Now stage 1 and 2 of Karin’s language and cultural studies are complete.
Together, with four other families, Karin has now shipped all her stuff to another island and hopefully everything will arrive by end of March. Karin is thankful for her co-workers who have been a great help.
Karin is moving in order to continue her language and cultural studies. About half of the people living in the area she is moving to are from other islands. Karin has been advised that the adjustment to this area is going to be challenging but there are many who can testify that it is survivable. Pray that Karin will be able to find good language helpers as this will be very important if she is to make good progress in learning the language. From the aspect of culture it will almost be a new beginning. The team has already helped Karin to find a house.
Please pray as Karin says farewell to her neighbours, friends, language helpers, co-workers and church. Also pray that the Lord would enable her to speak the language well and fluently and to comprehend the mix of cultures, for a church where she can serve, and for good team relationships.

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