The Mengen church

The new church outreach is growing slowly but surely and they are reaching out amongst their own. They are about half way through teaching the chronological Bible teaching from Genesis to Christ. This is mainly driven by Mengen teachers but also by a trainee in the new church.

In the past literacy ran well in the Mengen village where the missionaries first taught but the church never really took ownership of it. As the missionary team started to step back, it started to collapse and eventually came to a halt. The team wanted to take it back and starting it again, but through God’s grace they refrained. Now the church has again started to realise the importance of literacy to both teach illiterate people and also to teach comprehension skills to those who can already read, so that they can read God’s Word with greater understanding. Thank the Lord with Lourens for the two believers that will lead literacy classes in the new church outreach. Pray for faithfulness in this as this is a long process!

A new church plant may be starting soon as a believing family might move down to a new village on the south coast to plant a church there. The two villages that will be supporting this outreach will be talking about this during the next few months. There has been a long standing request from a village for teaching and at last the believers are at a point where they are starting to feel ready to send a family.
Despite many struggles over the years the northern outreach has a new believing family that has made a clear profession of faith in Christ alone for their salvation!
Please be praying for Lourens as he will be traveling a lot during the next few weeks. He will be visiting new locations where missionaries are working in other language groups.

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