The Lord knows all

Esmé can’t imagine how difficult it would have been to be learning French, shopping, speaking with people and getting taxis etc. if both aids had ceased to work at once! She is so glad for the Lord’s provision and care for even these small things. Once again, her parents sourced a hearing aid and it was transported this time by a pastor and his wife from the church she attended in Grimsby who were visiting missionaries they knew in Senegal.

Esmé has come to know a few local people as she goes out and about… please pray for them. People are generally very friendly, thoughtful and generous. She has also met some of her new neighbours; pray for more opportunities to speak to them and to get to know them…pray too for more confidence for Esmé so that she may invite them over!

Esmé and some friends went on a visit recently and were excited to see what the Lord is doing in the south of Senegal. There seems to be such a hunger for God’s Word amongst the people group they visited. It was a privilege to be there as many people requested memory cards of Bible teaching in their own language. They saw, and heard of, groups of people listening to the recordings together around a radio. Please give thanks for all the Lord is doing in the hearts of people there, pray for the ongoing ministry and that there may be a great harvest in this place soon.

At the beginning of this month, Esmé began working with a different language helper for Phase 3 of her language studies. She is Senegalese, so Esmé is learning more about the culture. It has been another adjustment to a different voice, accent and way of speaking, but Esmé is so glad to be working with her. She has enjoyed working with each language helper and has learnt so much from them all.

Earlier this month Esmé and a co-worker moved into a new apartment, which is further north in the capital. They have moved to this area in order that Esmé will be closer to her host family. It is much quieter, with no noise from traffic, (or the smell of dusty fumes), which is a tremendous blessing. She has to travel to her language sessions now, and although there is no direct route door-to-door, (except by taxi – which works out quite expensive), she can travel by bus and clandeau. Clandeaus are a bit like a taxi which is shared by others and has a particular route – so you share out the cost of the journey (which is always a flat rate, regardless of where you get off – of about 26p each in English money!)

Esmé has visited her host family a few times now, but hopes to visit more often. Pray that Esmé will get the balance right and that she would not cause offence culturally as she seeks to get to know them better and spend time with them. Pray for them too, as they adjust to having her around…pray there would not be too much of a cultural clash!

Last month Esmé was formally introduced at her host church. After initially being introduced in the service and prayed for, Esmé was later asked to go to the front by an elder. He spoke about the church’s responsibility for her in addition to his family’s role as host family; encouraging people to involve her and include her in church life as well as personally getting to know her. Please pray that Esmé would be a blessing to them as she serves the Lord with them. Pray too that she would be teachable and learn much from them as well.

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