The Lord established their steps

Adrian and Evelyn Jotter with Melissa and Lukas have lost count of how often their plans have changed these days…

In March, their linguistics training at North Cotes finished early due to Covid-19 and they returned to Germany. After living with Adrian’s parents for one month, they had a meeting for the handover of their new flat. Sadly, it had not been refurbished as promised so there was no way that they could sign the rental agreement. Their relatives were ready to help them wallpaper and they had bought a kitchen, ready to be installed. They were hugely disappointed.

God always has a plan. The next thing that happened was that they were promised another flat. Good friends from their church bought a house where the first floor can function as its own flat. They are very much looking forward to living with them and renting the flat that is even big enough to host guests.


  • God is still God and Adrian and Evi are able to know Him.
  • As a family they are healthy
  • For opportunities to serve in the church
  • That they were able to sell the spare kitchen


  • That their ministry in Germany might be fruitful
  • That they might get into a daily God glorifying routine as a family

Adrian and Evi are currently employed part-time by Ethnos Germany. There are different tasks to be done that they need to slowly grow into. One plan is that Adrian is going to visit the headquarters in Hückeswagen to help renovating. In addition, they are in the candidate programme now. This means that they will have several meetings with Ethnos Germany staff to become prepared for working with them so that they can get to know each other better.

As soon as it becomes easier to meet with churches, they will be ready to visit churches all over Germany to speak about Ethnos and the mission work that they are planning to do.

They have already started some church ministries but are still in the process of growing into them as well as into some more ministries in the next months.

Right now Adrian is part of the church leadership team. He is preparing to teach the firm foundations material on a regular basis and he also helps with the church services and is once again available for preaching in other churches.

Evelyn takes care of the kids and helps a lady from church with different ministries among the elderly. She plays the piano wherever it is needed and has started preparations for a church choir.

As a family they have learned to be more spontaneous. Constantly changing circumstances help them to learn to be quick to pray, where in the past, they would have tried to solve things on their own. Melissa loves living at her grandparents but she is also excited about the new flat. Lukas has really settled in. His speaking ability has improved rapidly since he now only hears German.