The kindness of the Lord

At times the kindness of the Lord overwhelmed David and Chris as He not only met their physical need of a break but also provided good friends for them to talk through issues with and pray together – what a great encouragement. It really helped them to recharge and refresh in so many ways ready for the next round! They also got to do some fun things such as visit the zoo etc.

David continues to develop his relationship with the leader at the local church that they are attending. Over the next couple of months David will shadow him on several Sundays at churches that David hasn’t yet attended so that he can be introduced to the congregations before he is then put on the rota to preach. David and Chris pray that this will be fruitful and that the Lord will use David to both challenge and bless the various churches.

In a couple of weeks’ time David will begin teaching at the church playgroup. There has been much frantic cutting out of materials – they are so thankful that there were already good quality teaching materials for this age groups in Indonesian so they didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel” so to speak. He has also been attending the elderly men’s Bible study group. The Lord has already highlighted areas where he hopes it will be possible to have some input in order to help the congregation move towards a deeper relationship with Him. Please pray in particular for the men in the congregation who appear to struggle a bit more to develop their walk with Him and for the women – that they will continue to put Him first in their lives.

Once this academic year ends at the Nursing academy Chris hopes to join David to help with the playgroup and to join the elderly ladies’ Bible study which is held at the same time as the men’s group.
As they realised how much David would need to travel, it became evident to them that, in order to have the required flexibility, they would have to purchase a vehicle of their own. At the time that they came to this decision it felt impossible, nevertheless when asked what our needs were we began sharing this with several people. To David and Chris’ amazement the Lord has miraculously provided the total amount that they need to buy the type of vehicle required! Please pray for wisdom as they look for a suitable vehicle that will be reliable on the remoter roads. 

Chris is now going through the final exam period of this year for the English class students at the Nursing School. These last exams of the year always end up being a marathon as there are remedial exams for those who don’t pass the end of term exam … and then a short term of teaching for those who fail the remedial as well. The short term comprises of 40 hours teaching in a two-week block with two exams. Yep, that’s a lot of exams to write and mark!! Please pray for stamina to finish this well.

Chris has now started preparing her summary proposal for her dissertation that will be submitted at the end of August. At the moment it feels very overwhelming but she is very grateful for a good tutor who has broken it down into an understandable step by step process. After this initial summary proposal is accepted Chris will be allocated a supervisor to work with to prepare the proposal proper. Please pray that the supervisor allocated is able to help Chris develop her writing skills and give the correct guidance – pray for a good relationship between them, albeit via skype and email!

Once again David and Chris thank each one of you who so faithfully pray for them.

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