The heart of the matter

Benjamin and Wina Hansen with Noah have the privilege, through their ministry at the German headquarters of Ethnos360, to be able to work closely with the missionaries on the ‘front lines.’ In recent months, they have been able to send some young people to serve in various countries. During their last ‘applicant’s day’, they got to know three married couples and three singles who have applied for various positions overseas with the mission. Ben and Wina were reminded once again, that no matter what life or service to God looks like, it is primarily about our hearts. Whether we are trying to save the world (or even just one person), God wants to work on our relationship and dependence on Him! We can quickly lose sight of the relationship with God for the sake of our ‘work for God’ (remember Mary and Martha). Please pray for Ben and Wina to live their lives and minister through their relationship with God.

Over the last few years, Ben and Wina have also developed a friendship with a refugee family that has moved to their locality. These friends’ ability and understanding of the German language has also improved, and they can now converse about God and their faith. Wina has recently met up with one of them to read the Bible together, and interesting discussions have developed. Please pray that they would come to know God personally and that Ben and Wina can be a clear witness of God’s love for them.