The hardest day

Thankfully the family can be in touch over Skype or instant messaging a lot and can know how each other is doing. They are thanking God for this time, for even though it is hard, at the same time, they are seeing God‘s faithfulness and goodness, and they wouldn’t want to miss that.
Mimi is doing well. Sometimes she gets homesick because she misses her two big sisters but in general she is a happy girl, loving Dinangat in all its different ways. Elli is home schooling her, giving them a pretty good routine for the day, which is very helpful.
Ralf also has a tight schedule with his translation work. He meets with different helpers every day and works on his own in between those helper-sessions. He is working on different books of the Bible: Galatians, Colossians, Philippians and Philemon. One needs to be checked, another corrected, the other pre-drafted and taped – and his head needs to stay clear between all those different letters of Paul. On Monday afternoons Ralf meets with the Bible teachers for a few hours, which is always a very good time of discipleship. The teachers are doing a good work and Ralf and Elli thank God for how they have taught and led the church these past months. However, two of the Bible teachers are not part of the team anymore because of different struggles in their homes. Keep praying for wisdom for the Bible teachers, that out of their love for the Lord they would teach and lead the Dinangat believers and live it out themselves with their whole lives. Pray for Ralf and Elli that they would be able to help them in these growing steps.
Today Ralf and Elli and Mimi are flying to Goroka for another translation check. Ralf will be meeting with an NTM consultant to check 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy. They are taking two Dinangat believers along to help them. Pray for this time as they always need some extra brain power and concentration. The fun part will be that they will get to see their girls too!!! They are so excited about that and can’t wait to hold them in their arms again.

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