The countdown is starting

Only roughly a month left until Ben and Tabea’s baby arrives! Then another two or three months until they are ready to move to a new region in Asia-Pacific.

Their co-workers plan to go on a survey trip this month. Pray that they will be able to find out more information about the people in that area and start to form good relationships with those they meet.

A couple of weeks ago Ben and Tabea had a language evaluation and are now about to start the next stage of language learning, which dives deeper into cultural questions, opinions, and different kinds of texts. Before the evaluation, they felt like they were slowing down a lot with their language progress, and just getting really tired. Their brains did not seem to want to hold any more. Those were clear signs that they were overdue for a break.

Ben and Tabea are so thankful that they had a very restful and enjoyable holiday near the beach. Their youngest son was able to experience waves for the first time. Pray for a safe delivery and that, they will get all the necessary paperwork for the new baby’s passport and visa. They are thankful that baby is healthy and in a good position.