The Big Question

Some people have been asking Kirsty Bosley the same question – are you moving on next year? Headed to another country as a missionary? Well the answer to that question is “no.” When she started the training with New Tribes it was always her intention to work here at North Cotes College in the nursery and now Kirsty is here so why would she leave?
Kirsty loves the work she is doing and she is finally getting more settled into the roles both as a Nursery worker and Practical Programme Co-ordinator.
So the plan is for Kirsty to be at North Cotes permanently unless the Lord leads her somewhere else.
Please be praying for those who have applied or are applying to study at North Cotes. And pray for those that will be graduating in just six weeks that they wouldn’t just be hearers of the Word but also doers.
Kirsty’s sister Lisa married Daniel at the beginning of April and although it rained throughout the day the Son shone through their lives and God was glorified through the service. The happy couple had their honeymoon in Florence, Italy. Please pray for them as they adjust to married life – Lisa is incredibly busy these days with finishing up university and doing many night shifts for her placement.
Kirsy is thankful to all those who have played such a huge part in supporting her in ministry this year.
Pray for each one at North Cotes College to end this school year well and keep their focus on HIM!

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