The battle is the Lord’s

Becky Preheim has heard from dozens of people saying that they are praying for the Mengen translation check and all that it entails. Right now they are in their most difficult days. They have finished the books of John and Matthew and are now just over halfway through the book of Revelation.

The three Mengen helpers are exhausted and are having difficulty concentrating.  It is a combination of the many long hours they have already put in and also the fact that they are not getting much sleep at night. The house they are staying in is right beside a very busy road filled with big trucks hauling shipping containers and other busy traffic. Becky feels so bad for them; they are from a quiet jungle location where the loudest noise at night would be crickets and croaking toads!

Pray that the Lord would give them a peaceful night’s sleep the next few nights. They will be checking the book of Hebrews on Friday, Saturday and potentially into Sunday.

Becky is also weary but not too bad. She praises the Lord for the good night’s sleep she can have each night and the rest it brings.

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement over the last couple of weeks.

The battle is the Lord’s.