Thanks so much for your part in David, Christine, Abby and Sarah’s lives and ministries through you prayers, support and encouragement.
David and Christine praise the Lord that:
• The Fall (Autumn) Festival was a great success (games, food and other activities a big fund raiser at the school)
• David has finished the school closet project
• Both David and Christine’s dads had health issues but are doing better now
• Abby has healed up from having her wisdom teeth out
•The Mexican Revolution…well, the public holiday, as it gave them a day off to catch up on things! They really needed the three-day weekend. 
• God’s provision in their lives both physically and spiritually
• Their co-workers and Mexican friends
• The progress being made in the Bible translations among the indigenous groups in Mexico
• God’s protection in the city and in the mountain mission stations
• God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to know Him
• Upcoming Christmas vacation to spend with Christine’s family in San Diego (although they are trying not to focus on that too much, yet!)

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