Thanksgiving time in the USA

Overall Rosemarie’s practicum class went really well. At the end, she held a party for her class where they had a lot more questions for her. This was an opportunity to encourage them and share more real life culture with them. What was so heartening to Rosemarie that evening was the way they wanted to improve in learning culture and language. It has also been exciting for her to see the lessons they have been developing over this last week equipping them to teach cross-culturally at a World-View level. Each year they get better. It is a lot of work, but so worth it. One of the high points of the year for her.

Please pray for one of the students who works with Rosemarie in her office as her father died very unexpectedly after surgery recently.

Robert has been going here, there and everywhere including a couple of really long drives to the northern part of the State and all on country roads. Praise the Lord for safety and mission vehicles running well.

The building and maintenance team had quite a few volunteers with them this past month and Robert has enjoyed working alongside them, learning from one another. It made Robert feel quite young again. It also meant he was doing a lot more buying of supplies in order to keep them working and so he was out on the road almost every day. The volunteers have moved on now down to Sanford in Florida to spend the winter working at NTM headquarters and then on their way back north they will stop by again the training centre for a week or two. 

God has been graciously answering so many prayers for their friends around the world. Rejoice with them that there are now believers in a new village among the Yao in Africa and the Baniwa in Brazil. Please pray for teaching among the Ilocano language in the Philippines. The Nahuatl people in Mexico are now listening to the life of Christ and Morop in Asia Pacific will hear the death, burial and resurrection of Christ this Thursday, November 30th! The Malinke of West Africa continue to listen to lessons. Pray in all these areas that they will be faithful in attending and responsive to the challenges within their culture to the truth of a Biblical World-View.

Please continue to pray for Robert and Rosemarie with the responsibility they have at church. They enjoy having the opportunity to serve there, but need a lot of wisdom, sensitivity and discerning hearts.

Once again, they cannot thank you enough for being a part of their team through your prayer support.

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