Over the past three weeks Rosemarie has been working on a class for Thanksgiving week. It’s the first time they’ve had a prayer emphasis class during this week and has found it exciting as she has written to NTM missionaries around the world gathering information and pictures on Bible dedications this year. With the help of a co-worker (who was present at one of the Bible dedications) she will be sharing on eight of these (and there probably were more) giving thanks and glory to God and praying for these churches now they have His Word in their own language. Please pray for the believers among the people groups of the Malumanda, Waxe, Bisorio, Sinow and Dom in PNG, the Budik of West Africa, Manjui of Paraguay and P people of Latin America. Can you imagine holding the Word of God in your hands for the very first time, of reading it for yourself and teaching from it in your own language for the very first time? We who grow up with the Bible take so much for granted. Thank the Lord for the treasure of His Word! Pray many lives will be transformed through the reading and studying of the Scriptures. Praise God that as His Words are taught they give light and understanding.
Additionally they’ll be thanking Him for the seven new churches this past year in anticipation of another two before the year’s end and praying for these babes in Christ during their early days. Please join Robert and Rosemarie in the giving of thanks and upholding the young churches in the Pal, Kendawangan, Nivacle, Yaku, Tangguat, Kora, Nagi and soon to hear, Manobo and Yao.
Robert and Rosemarie continue to value prayer for Robert out and about on the roads purchasing supplies for the mission at Camdenton. There have been some serious accidents of late so safety is something they take seriously too. Pray for his relationships with the store owners, managers, packers, stackers, cashiers and all he comes into contact with in the community. Please also pray for him seeing an eye specialist on December 17th in relation to a possible double cataract surgery. Meanwhile they hope he can renew his license! Pray for Robert and Rosemarie as they sort out the paperwork to enable them to receive their UK pensions as it is not proving to be any easy process.

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