It’s a mammoth task to contact the missionary teams collating their prayers and praises, but Robert and Rosemarie are excited about what God is going to do through His Word being taught and handed out in the next year or two.

We can truly stop and thank our Lord for His amazing grace and outpouring of love on these people groups.

Robert and Rosemarie are thrilled to be a part of this marvellous work God is doing around the world. They have many former students now in new people group locations working hard at the arduous task of learning another language and culture so foreign to their own.

Robert is really thankful for safety out and about on the roads. A near accident brings home the reality of God’s watchful care over him as he buys the supplies for all the different departments (which may be anything from timber and plumbing parts to apples for child care!) Please pray as he regularly interacts with store managers, owners, employees, and the cashiers, plus those who load the vehicles, bankers and post office workers. Pray he will show forth the love of Christ as light and salt in a dark world and have opportunities to share this with them.

Rosemarie has been heavily involved with their CLA practicum (culture and language acquisition practice) and is thankful the missionary candidates had a positive experience with many lessons learned.
Pray for Rosemarie as she has sciatica which inhibits sleep, but will be having injections in her lower spine to help with the pain.

They are both really thankful for opportunities in church involvement and outreach including the programme called ‘Celebrate Recovery’ where they ask prayer for sensitivity and discernment.

Rosemarie has started a ladies Bible study class on Sunday mornings – please pray more would love to be with them studying the book of Galatians. Also together Robert and Rosemarie started a connect group at Sunday lunch time and again would love more couples to join them and have fellowship at a deeper level.

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