Prior to Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen leaving for home assignment in Canada they were able to set up a temporary ‘Igorot Centre’ so that they could make a start on the massive project of providing teaching material for the Kankana-ey.

Before starting this project Ragnar and Elizabeth had to get back up to speed in the language. They also had to choose men to be involved in this undertaking with them: providing them with the necessary training and finding a suitable place to work and then prepare the venue for the opening day.

God answered prayer and led Ragnar and Elizabeth to a tailor-made working area. A couple in the church offered them the ground floor of their home. It is just the perfect size for working on the lessons. Praise Him!

As they gathered with the Kankana-ey men that first morning thankfulness was reigning and they gave God all the glory. Ragnar and Elizabeth are so grateful that they can place this massive project into His care.

Ragnar and Elizabeth recently visited all three areas of the Kankana-ey tribe and each time they returned encouraged, whether they have made the long trip over somewhat rough roads to participate in a wedding, Sunday meetings, visit with their spiritual children or join them in their daily activities.

Getting the teaching material into the believers’ hands will make all the effort worthwhile and Ragnar and Elizabeth are thankful for continued prayer.

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