Jonathan and Naomi are thankful for many things, not least for the fact that they have been able to buy a car (albeit without an engine…) and that it was possible to get away for a few days as a family for a break.

Having returned from their trip, they have a long to-do list for the next few weeks as they finish off their time in the city. It is pretty overwhelming… people to visit (and others who want to see them), purchasing things that cannot be easily found outside the capital, packing up their belongings and sorting the car logistics for moving. Also two pretty full weeks of workshops. Jonathan has a sermon to preach in French. Last minute requests for help with a friend’s wedding… and getting an engine put into their car (and all the paperwork that goes with it) also adds to the busyness.

Please pray that in all the stress and busyness they would stay close to the Lord, patient with one another and their children, wise with their time, and cheerful in serving the Lord in West Africa.