It happened…The Moi Bible dedication all came together on January 4th. Stephen and Carolyn Crockett are so thankful that all the flights bringing in precious cargo (cases of Bibles, their kids, grandkids, family, friends) made it safe and sound. They are also thankful the Moi ALL rallied together to make it a feast celebration to be remembered, and for the family and friends who came to celebrate. The Lord was glorified. We’re thankful, we’re thankful, we’re thankful!  So much to be thankful for.

Thoughts from one of the Moi men who shepherds the believers:

“What I am really thankful to the Creator for is this. Wow! Our lives here are totally different! Based on what the Creator has done for us, we now celebrate with dancing, and we rejoice. And with joy we feast. And when I see that I think, ‘Wow, thank you Creator God.’  We could not have thought up the truth out of our own hearts. But it is through the Creator’s book that we are able to see his characteristics/way of doing things, and it is through his actions that our lives have become different. On that basis there, I am thinking ‘Thank you!’ to the Creator.

Regarding this book, it’s in our language. It’s ours. But (even more) the purpose contained in it is for causing us to live well. And for that reason, the joy in my heart is beyond words!

And it is with that statement, that my talk is now done.”

“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11

When the cases of Bibles came off the plane, another Moi man cried out in tears, “I praise the Creator God for bringing me His Written Word before I die.”  Stephen and Carolyn are so thankful for their friends/churches who have stood behind them to get this job done for the Moi. The Moi’s love for God’s Word and seeing changed lives because of it, have made this rather long, gruelling job well worth it.  “Never once did we ever walk alone…You were faithful, Lord.”

The Crockett family were ecstatic!  There were also tears of joy as Stephen and Carolyn’s girls carried a case of Bibles off the plane. They saw more than anyone what all it took to get to that moment. They could not have been more blessed by kids who have embraced and supported and cheered them on through the years. A few days after the celebration, Stephen and Carolyn left Moi for a special trip as a family before they all went back to their areas of service. They are so grateful for that time to be together and reflect on the Lord’s goodness.

What’s next…

  • Stephen is sorting through his schedule to fit in all the Bible translation checks he needs to do this year for other teams in the process of Bible translation.
  • Both Stephen and Carolyn will attend a workshop on the topic of effective teaching cross culturally.
  • In March they head back to Moi to encourage the body of believers there.

Prayer/Praise requests:

  • Praise – the Moi Bible shipment made it in time for the dedication.
  • Praise – for health and calmness in the midst of a busy time of hosting during the celebration.
  • Pray for the many Moi babies that have a virus circulating among them.
  • Pray for Stephen and Carolyn’s grandbabies as they and their parents adjust back to their routines.
  • Pray for those who shepherd the body of Moi believers.