Thankful hearts

As Jason and Nisae Williamson look back at all that God has accomplished in the Iski church they are humbled at the work the Father continues to accomplish. They are also blessed to have such a generous and caring support team behind them to make this all possible. Here’s a brief summary of some of the main highlights from this year:

• January – May they had the privilege of orienting three new church planting units to Papua New Guinea! The Poulsens, the Islemajs, and Diana. They are now busy forming church planting teams and looking into tribes who are asking for missionaries.

• In May, the church completed teaching a new group of interested people through the creation to Christ teaching. They believe that through this around 30 people clearly understood the Gospel and believed!

• In June and part of July they were gifted a trip to visit their children, Kadynn and Judah, in the USA!

• In July, the Iski church completed their 12th literacy class and Jason and Nisae had their first visitor from their sending church in Georgia.

• In August Eden began her 12 grade year home schooling at home in Madang.

• The Iski church was taught through 1 Timothy, Titus, 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

• In September, the church completed another round of teaching to more interested people and they have another 30 or so brothers & sisters! Praise God for drawing people to Himself!

• In September, the second new missionary orientation programme started in Madang. They welcomed three new church planting families: the Kelleys, Ewerts and Hulls. It is a joy for Jason and Nisae to be able to disciple and work with these families.

• In October, Nisae began her second year teaching at Ramu Valley Academy and welcomed the first Iski student to the school!

• The church appointed two more elders to their team!

• The church leadership team began a mid-week visitation ministry that has met a huge need in the body of believers spread out along the river.

• Jason was able to draft 1,2,3 John and James and get them checked for comprehension with Iski speakers.

• Co-worker Andre Tousch was able to draft Colossians, Philippians and 2 Corinthians.

Looking forward to 2024

Jason, Nisae and family are excited and hopeful as they continue to lean on their Saviour as the Great Shepherd of the church plant in Iski. They know that whatever comes their way, He will use it for growth and transformation of His Bride. Here is a summary of their plans for the next few months.

• At the beginning of February, the three church planting families will set out on the next part of their journey in PNG.

• Jason plans to be in the tribe for 4-5 weeks teaching the church leadership through the book of Revelation. Then after he leaves, they will plan to teach it to the church.

• In March, the church plans to begin its first indigenous outreach outside of their home village (still Iski speaking). Three villages that are close together will be attending this outreach. PLEASE PRAY that hearts will be receptive and the teachers will be faithful in carrying out this work.

• The Iski church has also been talking about how to reach another tribe (a different language) next door to them, who have been asking to hear God’s message for many years now. A young couple in the Iski church who have been burdened to go and start teaching in this tribe. They are hopeful that this year they can begin doing this. This is a first for the Iski church and they need wisdom from God as they strategise on how this could look. PLEASE PRAY!

• In April, Jason and Nisae daughter, Eden, will graduate and they will head back to the USA to welcome their first grandchild (due to arrive in May!)

• From April to September they will be traveling extensively visiting family, supporters, and churches.

• In October, Jason and Nisae will welcome more labourers coming to the field of PNG! Pray that the Lord will continue to raise up many more to continue His Kingdom work.

Thank you again for your prayers and for your partnership in this ministry! You truly are helping to build God’s church in Iski and PNG!