Thankful hearts

After talking with several people who all assured them that a children’s version is much needed and would be well used in both the churches and the local schools, they thought the time had arrived to move on with the project.

Excitement reigned when they met with two ladies, who shared their dream for children’s lessons and were willing to discuss the details involved in re-writing a chronological lesson for a younger generation.

They chatted back and forth about lots of details from changing the illustrations to crafts, plus many more suitable ideas for growing youngsters.

Ragnar and Elizabeth are so thankful to be off to a good start on a new project. Pray for alertness and creativity for the two ladies as they work on these lessons.

The Kankana-ey New Testament has been out of print since 2007. Ragnar and Elizabeth are super excited knowing that it will soon be re-printed.

It has cost over £60,000 and it has thrilled their hearts to see the funds trickle in over the last year from five different countries. Ragnar and Elizabeth are so thankful to the Lord for allowing them to see this miracle right before their eyes.

God willing they will soon be able to share with you that 10,000 copies of God’s Word in Kankana-ey have come off the press. They know that the new copies will be swallowed up very quickly.

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