Thankful hearts

It seemed like a long time for Norman and Bobby to be separated but God has been their help and encourager as they see the many ways He is at work.
As Norman travelled across country with some co-workers on two separate occasions they counted a dozen accidents in one day, one almost certainly fatal. So they were thankful they only had a couple of minor mechanical problems on their journeys.
The purpose of the first cross-country trip was to meet with national co-workers and missionary teams, listening and offering encouragement and direction for their work.
One team has very recently started to teach God’s Word after months of language and culture study and lesson development. Pray that people will listen and be open to accept the message of God’s grace as it is unfolded to them.
In another group where some churches have been established, the church continues to spread and grow but there is opposition and problems to be dealt with. The leaders need prayer as they learn to lead and care for the flock. Others are at different stages of their church planting ministries. Some struggle in difficult circumstances but often God uses these times in their lives and to advance the work as He knows best.
For Norman, the highlight of these last couple of months was the time he spent with the Bru; often when he visits he only spends a few days there. His second trip across country was specifically to spend time with missionaries Clark and Mary Aspinwall, the believers, and their Bru friends and neighbours.
Good progress is being made on the translation of the Bru New Testament. Currently a translation consultant is checking Romans and Galatians over a two week period. He is working with Mary and her translation helpers to do one final thorough check on the quality of the translation. Pray for the team as each day they will need to think clearly and focus for lengthy periods of time. Pray they will have stamina and minimal distractions. Clark and Mary have served the Lord faithfully there for many years. They are so thankful to see how the church has grown, not just in numbers but in their faith as they live for Him. The believers love God’s Word, especially what they have in the Bru language, and are not happy with a short ‘sermonette’ when it comes to teaching.
There was a real buzz among the men of the church the last weekend Norman was there. They had planned a men’s outing in the woods by a lake. A number of new believers went and enjoyed the Bible study, fellowship and food. They even had t-shirts printed for the occasion with the text of scripture that was studied – Joshua 1:9.
Cold season still brings people together around little fires outside their homes. It is a great way to enjoy one another’s company and Norman was pleased to spend a few evenings like this with some old friends. These folk are special to Norman and Bobby and they would love to see them come to the Lord too.

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