Thankful for partnership

For the last month, Lourens and Marie Laureti have been back at Hoskins in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea. It has been a whirlwind of experiences. Looking back, they are thankful for their time on the mainland where they served in many different roles and other believers took the time to pour into their lives. They are doing well and Lourens loves being back at his job with the national believers again. Marie is now his full-time assistant and finds it very rewarding. Working with the national believers encourages them, they are so eager to learn to run a guesthouse, run a small store and all the skills that goes with that and a million other little things. Moreover, Marie is learning from them. What a good partnership!

Their son Liam is back to being home schooled by Marie. They are enjoying their lasts bit of time with Liam too. He is their only child in the home now. They are thankful for the time that they get to focus on him. Pray for them in their journey with him too, raising a man that will love God with his ALL.

Their daughter Naomi started her studies at Trinity Christian College in Illinois, August of 2021. She always dreamed about studying in the USA and when she received acceptance and scholarships, and heard how highly recommended Trinity CC is for their nursing programme, she gladly accepted their offer. Her scholarships make up half of the money she needs for the year. The other half was a HUGE prayer point, as there is no way as parents Lourens and Marie can cover it. They are also fully supporting their autistic daughter, Madeleen, in South Africa, their passport country, who is always full of joy, and excited about what every day brings!) In October of 2021, God provided greatly, and they were able to cover all of Naomi’s fees for the rest of the first year. Thank you, God, for working greatly in the hearts of your children to give generously. Now it’s November 2022, and yet again, they are looking to God for His provision.

Their youngest daughter Marlou is six months away from graduating from high school on the mainland where she live in the mission dorm. Pray for her as she is seeking God for direction for her next steps after school. At this stage, she is thinking about going to a Bible school and then maybe doing missionary training. It has been a great joy for them as parents to see her growing into a mature young lady and seeing her love for Jesus grow as well!