Thankful and encouraged

Time is passing fast for Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach; they have less than a month left on home assignment in the USA before they fly out to Germany and from there back to Liberia.

They are amazed by how many people often pray and think of them. Moreover, it has been very encouraging for them to see so many of their friends again. They are thankful for the faithfulness of His people who continue to be an encouragement to them and their ministry by words and deeds.

Upon their return to Liberia in October, Aaron wants to get a small group of Glarro together who can help him in putting Bible lessons into good, understandable Glarro. Please continue to pray for the forming of this small group (at least 4-5 Glarro men).

They will need a new vehicle, as their old one is literally falling apart. They are looking into different options where and how to buy/order a reliable car. Pray for wisdom in how to go about buying a new vehicle for their ministry. (Nothing is easy in Liberia).

They are thankful for the generosity of many who have contributed with special offerings to their ministry, which they will use towards the purchase of a new vehicle

Pray for Aaron and Amy’s co-workers, the Burkheads, who are holding down the fort in the village, they are all healthy again after a bout of sickness.

Please pray that God will use Aaron and Amy to challenge people into missions, on their last set of visits and speaking engagements in the USA and that the remainder of their time there and in Germany will be used wisely, and as He wants them to use it.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron and Amy and the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa.