As Andrew and Joanna are finishing up and preparing for home assignment, they are reflecting on the past two years in Asia-Pacific, and have many reasons to be thankful. They have seen relationships develop, language improve, culture just a little bit better understood… They have seen their kids make friends, learn basics of the national language, enjoy pre-school, and get very used to eating rice.

However, they are very excited about the prospect of seeing family, friends, and their churches again. They are looking forward to sharing about what they have learned from their Heavenly Father in these last few years.

Nevertheless, they cannot deny it is with heavy hearts they will say goodbye to the teenagers they have come to know so well. They will also miss many of their friends for the six months that they are planning to be away. They praise God for how He helped them to settle well.

At the end of September, Andrew, with a group of men, flew into two different villages to visit people and attend a Christian conference. A week later Joanna and the children joined the team at their final stop. All the teenagers in the dorm are from that area. Andrew and Joanna count it a privilege to see where they are from and meet their families. Having visited the same village a year and a half ago , it was encouraging for them to see how their language has improved, and relationships with the teenagers and their families have developed. They are looking forward to seeing how God will continue to work in the lives of this people group.

While Andrew was away, the teenage girls and Joanna were busy making some decorations for the house. They also baked the wedding cake for the wedding happening in the tribe. It was a double ceremony. The two brides had previously lived in the dorm.

Andrew and Joanna have also enjoyed a few more visits with local people. A team of ladies recently started a girl’s – Bible study that Joanna helps out with. They are delighted to see many opportunities in this area. They hope this will continue even while they are on home assignment.

God has answered prayer. Three single ladies will move into their house while they are gone. This way their house will be well taken care of. Praise the Lord.

Pray for:

The packing, preparing, and getting ready for going home. They have many things to think about and their days are very full  as they try to prioritise everything on their list.

Andrew as he hands over the boy’s Bible study in which he is heavily involved.

For wisdom as to whether an international school might be a long-term solution for Manoah (upon their return).

Their travel with long flights are booked for early December (to Germany first).

Adjustment to a cold climate.

Andrew and Joanna are so grateful for your continued prayers.