Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo and family are thankful to finally be enjoying better health as they serve in West Africa. However, they would appreciate your prayers for continued health and renewed strength.

Now in a support role, they thank God that they are becoming more comfortable with the new accounting system. There are still some bugs to work out and forms and documents to update so keep praying as they complete this transition.

Presidential elections scheduled for this month in Senegal have been delayed, and there have been protests. Please pray for peace for this country.

Unfortunately, they continue to have many disruptions to the water supply in their apartment throughout the day. Rather than improving, the situation is getting worse. Pray that the the source of the problem can be found and fixed.

Several factors, including the water and political situation, have prompted them to find a new apartment nearer to their children’s school. The process of moving is daunting. Please pray for a smooth transition.

Praise the Lord that Alessandro has reached the last step to becoming a Canadian citizen! His citizenship ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday 28th February, and he must be in Canada for this. He will have to get his Canadian passport before returning to Senegal. To speed up the process, they will pay for urgent processing in the hopes that he will not be gone for more than twelve days. Pray that the whole process will go smoothly and pray for Chantal and the children in Senegal during that time.

Plans for their visit to Italy in June – July are starting to fall into place. God has provided an apartment in northern Italy that is centrally located between the churches they will be visiting so, during their weeks in the north, they will have a home base. Thank you, Lord! The rest of the time, they will be with Alessandro’s family in Naples, in the south of Italy. There are other details that need to fall into place regarding lodging and transportation, so they would appreciate your continued prayers.

Their local church in Senegal needs to find a new place to meet. Time is running out before they must vacate the place that is currently rented. The church is considering buying a property. Please pray for guidance and for the necessary finances. Alessandro and Chantal look forward to seeing how God will work in this seemingly impossible situation.

At times, life is challenging, and Alessandro and Chantal find themselves getting discouraged. Recently they heard this quote: Do not let what you wish for rob you of what you already have. They may wish for better health, more energy, more water, etc., but they never want to forget what they have, including the gift of a restored relationship with their Creator and His constant presence with them. They are also thankful for your partnership with them through your prayer.