Theo will soon be starting a translation of the ‘Literacy Starter’ software (where he may need to learn a completely new set of French vocabulary), and, meanwhile, as he finishes the translation of the 14 PowerPoint presentations on literacy, with presenter notes. This will be one of the missionary training courses that will be taught to African missionaries who would like to communicate the Good News even to people groups who do not yet have a written language, nor the Word of God in their language. The written Word is only helpful if a person can read it, so teaching how to read is often an essential first step towards planting a new church.

Praise the Lord with Theo and Martha for excitement, health, energy and provision so that they can translate materials for training African missionaries, from their home in Alabama.

Ministry partners (including you) around the globe are helping reach some from every language and people group for Christ (Rev.5:9).

Pray for Theo and Martha’s teammates in Africa, who are training African believers in missions.

Theo and Martha have the joy of caring for Theo’s Mum, who enjoys living with them and remains quite healthy, by His grace. Pray for them as they miss their married children especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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