Testing the water

At the end of July, Tim and Rebecca Ingles finally received permission from all the needed parties involved allowing them to return to Wano, Asia-Pacific for a short trip to “test the waters.” The Lord “just so happened” to have things lined up so that the following week, planned flights to the area, had room for them to make the trip. Tim flew first and the following day, Rebecca and Eva were able to join him in Wano. They stayed for the next few days talking, catching up on what had happened while they have been in town, and letting them know their next steps. Their time in Wano ended much too quickly. Praise the Lord with them that He is opening the doors for them to return to living with the Wano people once again!

After returning to the city from their short trip to Wanoland, they had the privilege of helping cook meals for MAF’s conference. Cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 128 people was a lot of work, but they certainly enjoyed playing a part in making the conference a success! The mission’s own conference then started two days later, and they really enjoyed fellowship with co-workers from around the region, hearing reports of their ministries and being encouraged through the Word as they heard about Biblical ways to maintain their zeal. During the conference, they were also able to talk through their short trip into Wanoland, and come up with a plan for next steps regarding ministry with the Wano people. The conclusion from the meeting was that for the next few months, they will make short ministry trips into the villages. They look forward to being able to return to normal full-time ministry living with the Wano people.

Currently Tim and Rebecca are filling in as dorm parents because Eva’s normal dorm parents are on home assignment until the end of this year. They may be able to return to Wano just before Christmas.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Tim and Rebecca take care of the kids at the dorm.
  • That they will be able to bond well with the kids and have a good influence on them.
  • For good progress with Wano translation and other ministry tasks while the kids are at school.