Team work

At the moment Ben and Wina are still working hard to finish up a few of the last things on their house. Even though they’ve already accomplished so much, there are still a few time-consuming projects that aren’t done yet. Please pray for wisdom for them to know how best to finish up with the house while trying to be involved with CLA full-time as well.
Almost daily Ben and Wina and their co-workers, the Butlers and the Martins are confronted with decisions about day to day life in the tribe and in order to respond rightly to each one, they need to know where each other stands on certain issues, not only as a family but also as a team. Therefore, it’s important that they don’t reach their decisions based solely on their own personal preferences, culture or even church background; because they all come from different church backgrounds. Rather, together they must seek to base decisions on God’s Word. God’s Word is Truth! Please pray that they would be firmly grounded in God’s Word and led by the Holy Spirit.

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