Team members

Last month Mike and Cher Riepma enjoyed another visit with Darling and Gabriela who are planning to join the Ese Ejja team in August. Watching their co-workers Jenni and Silvana pack up their things and say good-bye to the village has been difficult. They have been a tremendous blessing to the work and will be sorely missed. The Ese Ejjas have grown to really appreciate them and hopefully they will be able to visit yearly to maintain those friendships. Pray for their transition as they join the ministry at the national training centre.

After some very difficult days struggling with health issues this month, Mike decided they needed to get out of the village for a much needed break and consult with a doctor. The major problem was gastritis symptoms again. They flew to Santa Cruz where the weather is cooler and he could really control his diet. After ten days he felt much better. Being at the national missionary training centre has given them many great opportunities to encourage the future missionaries as they prepare for service. Mike was able to share in the different classes about the translation process, native church planting challenges and keeping a good balance in ministry while raising a family in the village. They are so thankful to have a centre where they can relax, get medical help and encourage the next generation of missionaries.

Mike and Cher recently visited an Ese Ejja village for a week of teaching. Pray that hearts will be open and hungry for God’s Word. They celebrated the churches anniversary with the believers there. Afterwards they took the long 18 hour bus ride home.

Advanced diabetes had decimated the body of Pablo an Ese Ejja believer who stepped into God’s presence at the beginning of May. Now, his suffering and constant pain are gone forever. Mike visited daily and they would pray together for their families and for God’s will to be done. Sharing at his burial service was another opportunity for Mike to challenge the many Ese Ejjas who are without Christ to repent before their day comes. Pray for Pablo’s family and grandchildren as they grieve and to remember what he believed and lived.

Thank you for standing with Mike and Cher in prayer.