Team and Tribe

The last couple of months have been busy for Chris and Ingrid Hughes with Jonathan, and they would appreciate prayer. After a recent survey, they are beginning to see doors opening. Yet there are many unknowns and much that needs to fall into place.

The survey involved: sleeping in a smoky bush house, hurtling down dirt tracks in overcrowded trucks, gruelling jungle hikes and hours of “storying” – but it was worth it! Praise God for a safe survey trip and for the good information they were able to glean.

Since orientation, Chris and Ingrid have been hoping to form a team. Over the next few weeks, they plan to have some tentative conversations about what being on a team could look like with a couple of people that may join them. Pray that both the team and tribe situation will become clearer in the coming months.

Ingrid recently had a 20-week scan in Goroka. The baby seems to be developing well and there are no known concerns with the pregnancy, for which they are very grateful. They have just over six weeks left in Wewak before the journey home to the UK begins in early December.

Chris and Ingrid had asked for pray for God to provide somewhere for them to live whilst on home assignment. God has done some incredible things and they have found a terraced house in Liverpool. Praise God for how good and kind He has been to them! Pray that they will use it well and for His glory. They are also very grateful to Chris’s parents for all the hard work they have put in on their behalf in sorting out the details.

There are still many details needing finalising in the coming weeks. They are returning to have a baby, but they would love to spend some of their time travelling and visiting the churches and friends who stand behind them in the work.

They are so grateful for your prayers.