Teaching is progressing

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve among Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa, and are thankful that the last few weeks have been calm. Even the rains have stopped, and they were able to teach both Saturday and Sunday evenings for the last two weekends.

They are not sure what happened, but attendance at the Bible teaching these past two weeks was much higher than the weeks before. The only explanation is, that God answered prayers to draw more people to the teaching!

They have taught on Jonah, and now have only three more lessons left before they start in the New Testament. The Jonah lesson was understood well. They made the point that God loves all people and wants them to come to Him. He even sent someone to His enemies so they too can have a chance to repent. They also mentioned that Jonah had a different idea and wanted the Ninevites to die. But God showed him that his thinking is wrong and that he should agree with God’s thinking. Some of the Glarro people commented: “We are not able to love our enemies!” and “That is impossible for us!”

Teaching twice each weekend makes things busy; getting lessons adjusted, fixed up and ready to teach. Aaron and Amy are very thankful for their co-workers who share the workload with them. Aaron usually teaches one lesson at the weekend and Guy the other.

The hostile feelings between the village where the missionaries are living, and the neighbouring villages are still smouldering and there is also resentment. More and more stories are coming out, about the lies the other village believed to make them so angry.

On a more positive note, the school closed this week for the summer break. They have planned an overnight trip to the beach for a group of Amy’s graduates. It is kind of like a miniature, low-cost church camp.

Please pray:

– That they can keep up with the workload, so that they don’t have to cancel any of the weekend Bible lessons.

– That the tension with this neighbouring village will calm down, and if God wants them to be involved, that he shows them how.

– For the outing to the beach with Amy’s literacy kids.

They thank God:

– That the attendance at the Bible lessons has increased, and that most of the people follow them with obvious interest.

– That God is in charge of drawing people to Himself, and that He is at work in the hearts of the Glarro, an answer to prayer.

Thank you for your prayers for the missionary team and the Glarro people!