Teaching in South East Asia

They had a wonderful time of reconnecting with family and friends on both sides of the Atlantic.
It was especially significant for Vivienne and Tessa to have quality time with their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Vivienne spent a school term in John’s former primary school in Portadown, and the girls spent their first-ever Christmas in America. They are indebted to those who hosted, treated, and helped them in a myriad of ways.
In January they fly into the so-called cool season in South East Asia which did help the transition from the extreme weather of Pennsylvania. They arrived back to the same house, but with new neighbours upstairs (a lovely English family who teach at Hope School).
There are many new staff and students at Hope School, so John almost felt like a new arrival! Also, they had said their good-byes to a number of close friends who left while they were away, but fortunately, Vivienne’s closest friends’ are still there and she slotted back into her class without a hitch.
John has taught the final-year class for nearly five years now. As they work out the next step, many of them are struggling with where to go to university and the financial repercussions that go along with this. Many face the dilemma of returning to a hyper competitive home culture (for which they are ill-equipped) or moving away from family to study in the West, if they can afford the rising costs. Pray for the students and endurance for the teachers as the temperature rises and energy levels go down.
John and Sarah are expecting twins in early September. They are hoping to return to Northern Ireland for the births so are working towards a lapsed marital visa for Sarah. They would like to return to South East Asia soon after the twins are born, bar any complications.
Pray that Sarah will get her visa for the UK, and for ongoing health in pregnancy.
Also pray for them to have opportunities to be a light to their Khmer neighbours and friends – that they will have cultural sensitivity and wisdom in their interactions.

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