Teaching in Asia-Pacific

Samuels first year of teaching has been a good, but tough experience. The work load is heavy and the situation of an international school in Asia is different to his previous teaching experience.
Not all the children have a settled home life so keep praying for Samuel to have wisdom while he is dealing with these kinds of situations.
Samuel is grateful for the opportunities to share the Gospel. Many students and some teachers are not believers. He taught the students of Grade 3 and 4 all the way through from Abraham to Moses. Just before the Easter break the students read the Easter story (mainly from Matthews’s gospel). There are always many interesting questions. Pray for the Lord to continue to work in these precious lives. Pray for wisdom and strength for Samuel in his teaching job. Sandra has been language learning for six months and is still very motivated. She is thrilled when people start to understand what she says and vice versa.
While Sandra is making good progress with the language, Samuel, studied a little bit but had to take a break due to his teaching responsibilities but has been granted more time to study culture and language in the summer term. Pray that they make good progress in this area. Also pray for a new house helper for Sandra.
Pray for opportunities for Samuel and Sandra to spend time with their neighbours.

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