Teaching from experience

Daniel and Elizabeth are enjoying their roles as teachers and mentors to people who are eager to go and share the Gospel to the four corners of the world! This year the students come from Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Northern Ireland, England and Greenland.

As they teach “Cross Cultural Communication” in all its forms, it really helps that there is such a diverse mix represented among the students! So far they have had classes on Overview of Church Planting Step by Step, How to live the Christian Life and Time Management. Currently they are covering Preaching and Teaching and Teamwork.

It has been exciting for Daniel and Elizabeth to see the new students settling and enjoying classes. They had said their goodbyes, left homes, jobs, family and friends and embarked on a journey of faith. There are a total of 49 students across the three years of training (the final year of Applied Linguistics is optional for those who show aptitude in this area).

Please pray for the students:
• For them as they have settled quickly into college and English life. Speaking English all day is exhausting for many!
• For the students’ children who go to local schools that they would know God’s love, care, help and protection.
• For them as they attend local churches and look for opportunities to reach out and share the Gospel.
• Pray above all that this year they would grow deeper in their relationship with God and in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Recently Daniel and Philip enjoyed sharing about what the Lord is doing in PNG with the young people from a church near Hull. The young people seemed to appreciate being able to ask questions of Philip who has grown up living in the jungle. They are often asked what is the hardest thing about being back in the UK. They miss their friends in PNG. People they have spent years with and seen them come from darkness into the light of the Gospel. Now they are separated – but this is only for a season as there is coming a day when they will be able to rejoice together around the throne!

Please pray for the people group Daniel and Elizabeth used to work with:
• For the nine villages that have heard the Gospel, the believers and the church leaders.
• For wisdom, grace and growth in the Lord.
Also pray for Daniel and Elizabeth and their children Paul and John (away from home studying in Edinburgh), Philip, David, Ruth and Mary.

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