Teaching continues

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve in Liberia, West Africa, among the Glarro people.

They were able to get a speaker and microphone from the USA, which helped a lot with people being able to hear the teaching in the open air. It has been a bit of a smaller crowd the last two weekends, but still around 100 people altogether. They finished the creation story and some people started to imagine how life must have been wonderful when there was no death, pain or sorrow. However, reality caught up with them fast, when in the following week two old ladies passed away.

Because of the customary all-night ‘wake’ the people were quite exhausted, so they postponed the teaching that weekend and continued with the Fall of Satan and how Death entered the world through the sin of Adam and Eve, the following week.

When possible, Aaron and his co-worker Guy share the teaching of the lessons, each teaching one per week. That way, they can focus more on practicing that one lesson.

They are also still battling with some distractions while teaching, and kids are constantly chatting too. However, when they asked some of the kids what was being taught, they were surprised that many of them were able to still follow the lesson! Incredible.

The next two lessons that will be taught this weekend, are the consequences of the Fall and Kain and Abel.

It will be important that the Glarro people realise that they are responsible as individuals for their actions. And that they cannot shift the blame on Satan like Eve.

Patrick their Glarro helper is helping them to make changes and improvements to the lessons which they are editing and especially those they are about to teach. Because of this, Patrick has heard the Gospel a few times already, and wants to believe, but is not ready for it. He knows that he could not be serious about it without changing his life.

Thankful to God:

– That someone was able to bring sound equipment from the USA at such short notice.

– For those who came to the teaching and that the lessons were able to be understood by them.

Please pray:

– That the number of people who come to the teaching will increase and the distractions decrease.

– That the Glarro people will attend with open hearts and minds and take God’s message for them seriously.

– For good weather conditions and health, so that they can continue teaching this weekend.

Thank you for your help in reaching the Glarro people with the Gospel through prayer!