Teaching but learning too

David has preached a couple of times in one of the nearby local churches and in chapel which is always a challenge preparing in another language, getting it checked and then of course getting it right on the day! Despite the challenge David and Chris pray that the Lord uses the words David shares for His glory. Please continue to pray for David as he works on future sermons.
Chris has continued to be busy with her involvement in the wound care clinic. Each year the hospital recruits a number of new nurses in the month of May who then have a three month orientation programme in the various departments in the hospital including the wound care clinic. The nursing students also have had practical clinical programmes. At one point over a four week period three different third year students would join with the clinic. As the room is rather small it led to some cosy and very hot teaching and fellowship!
The academic year final exams have been and gone. This always causes a lot of extra work but praise the Lord that this year’s nursing students for the English language classes all had a very good attitude to work and for the first time ever all the students passed with a good grade. In addition to this David and Chris have continued to work on the new English curriculum which they are required to produce; David doing the bulk of the work. Please pray for wisdom for him and for perseverance as it can be a very thankless task at times.
In July the hospital was very blessed to have an American eye surgeon and his wife visit for a couple of weeks. The eye surgeon was able to carry out several successful corneal transplants; a procedure which would be unobtainable for these patients ordinarily. Meanwhile his wife who is a physiotherapist carried out training seminars and practical bedside teaching for the nursing staff and physiotherapist. Many of them learnt for the first time how to properly transfer a patient and how to safeguard their own bodies as they care for patients. Chris was asked to translate for these sessions which was a big strain on her language abilities but it was a privilege to be able to help equip the nurses to better serve their patients and help them learn how to prevent common back injuries that occur in health care staff.
At the moment Chris is in the UK as she has to attend the orientation week for the Masters course she is doing in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair. Cardiff University have a Wound Healing Research Unit which is considered a centre of excellence in the topic so this is a unique opportunity. Chris is slowly wading through the pre-course reading which if nothing else has made her aware of what she doesn’t know! Chris will attend the university at Cardiff from 14th -18th September.
Please pray for David and Chris at this time as they adjust to the challenge that this further study will bring for both of them. Chris is doing the masters course as it is a requirement to attempt to secure a visa for future years, however, the goal posts are continually changing so please continue to pray for visas for the expat staff in Asia Pacific.
Meanwhile David is holding the fort. This weekend he is away with the eye team at an area where NTM have worked for many years. Not only were the hospital blessed to have one eye surgeon visit they have the bonus of a Canadian eye surgeon and his wife visiting this time for six weeks. Please pray that not only will this lead to physical healing for the people who attend but that ultimately it will result in salvation for many. David arrives back the day before the new teaching term starts. This term David and Chris have two classes to teach due to a technicality. Whilst Chris is away David will be taking on the responsibility for teaching Chris’ classes as well. Please pray for him that he will know God’s enabling and strength to persevere. Also pray for the students that they will have a good attitude to learning; it is always much more pleasant to teach a group who actually want to learn!

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