Teaching begins

On the 20th of August the missionary team among the Pal people started with the first lesson of the 65 lesson course. What a day! A big crowd came as all wanted to see what might happen. After all, their expectation had slowly built up ever since the first missionary family moved in there four years ago. It was such a wonderful thing for Axel and Sandra to see the crowd gathering in the tent-like teaching house they had set up. Now several weeks into the teaching they can say that each day around 200 men and women come with their children. They have heard about God the Creator and His creation, about Adam and Eve and their decision to fall away from “God’s talk”. The truth penetrates their worldview in profound ways. Axel and Sandra’s co-workers, Chris and Nate, sit with people after the lessons, answering questions, and clarifying the teaching more.
The missionary team learns as well. There is a whole new dynamic going on in the community. There is a lot of talking as people discuss what they were taught. As men are more used to talking about spiritual things, the team have been praying that they can draw out the women as well. Co-workers, Maggie and Elisabeth go out to places in the afternoon to seek the women and to talk to them. Pray that the women will learn to make up their own minds about what they hear.
Please lift up the Pal people in your prayers and ask the Lord to prepare their heart for the Gospel.
As the newest addition to the team, Axel and Sandra are not yet able to speak or understand Pal in meaningful ways. With all the excitement going on, at times it is hard for them to accept the fact that they cannot contribute much to the work yet. However, they feel that it is a great privilege to experience this season with the team. There is no doubt that a battle is going on for the souls of the Pal people. They sense that the battle they fight within their own lives has become more intense, too. There are plenty of daily opportunities to lack faith, to let discontentment creep in, and for them to get frustrated with each other and themselves. There is a greater need to cling to the Lord and to pray all the time.
Each day they walk as a family out to the teaching place. Baby Lilly usually naps during that time and Tom sits a while with them and then starts walking around, playing with the little village kids. He recently had his third birthday and learns a lot. He feels the language and culture barrier too. Pray that Axel and Sandra can find good ways to connect their kids with the Pal kids.

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