Teaching Begins 

After years of work, the Maliyali people finally have the opportunity to hear God’s talk in their heart language. The teaching through evangelistic chronological Bible lessons started on August 29th!

Pray that the Lord would be softening the hearts of the Maliyali people! Pray that when they hear God’s Word it would be sweet to their souls! Pray for the three missionary families as this next season will be very intense, filled with a lot of hard work! It will take about four months, meeting four days a week. Pray that by December, after the Gospel has been presented in full, there would be Maliyali believers.

God is answering so many prayers. The people are COMING! They seem invested, interested and eager to talk about the teaching afterward! The teaching is being recorded so the people can take the tiny recorders back to their houses and re-listen to the teaching.


• Pray that the people would continue faithfully attending the teaching!

• Pray for the salvation of the Maliyali people.

• Pray for Chad, Nathan, and Dave, as they prepare and teach God’s Word – that He would be their constant help. That the Lord would get all the glory in helping them clearly communicate God’s Word in the Maliyali language.

• Pray for continued unity among the team. The enemy wants nothing more than to thwart the Gospel coming to Maliyali. Pray that they are aware of his schemes.