Teaching begins last week

No matter how much they have prepared, no matter what kind of relationships they have built, no matter how much time and effort gets put in, Jared and Bana are overwhelmed with the sense that it will be the Lord that will be at work in people’s hearts.

Pray for Ilocano speaking families. Pray that God would draw them and give them ears to hear. Also for the kids as there are so many. There are around a dozen households in Jared and Bana’s “neighbourhood” between the rivers and they are particularly focused on reaching them. So many of them have said they would have loved have listened as co-workers Don and John have taught the Agta but they simply could not understand. Jared and Bana are excited to be able to share the same message with them! (There are two language groups within the same village/area)

Please pray for wisdom in how they can encourage the people to keep coming. That the Spirit would be at work in Jared as he teaches, that it would be clear and that they would be hearing from the Lord. Please pray for Bana as she spends time with the ladies especially outside the teaching sessions. Pray for co-workers Don, Char and John in their interactions with people outside the teaching as well. Please pray for discernment for all of them. Please pray for their kids, that they would see the place God has given them during that time as they interact with other kids.

Finally, pray for good weather, health and a time with few interruptions during the coming weeks.

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