Teaching begins

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve among the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa, and are back in the village again after their little detour to Senegal and Ivory Coast. After sleeping in so many different locations on the way, they are now glad to be back in there own place.

The village is rather quiet these days as the Glarro people are busy preparing their fields (about an acre each) with their cutlasses to plant rice, their staple food.

They have started to spread the message in the village, that now they are back, they want to start teaching God’s message. They began the teaching on Saturday in the ‘open air’ under a tree.

There are still many things that could hinder the teaching. For example, the border dispute between the Glarro and the neighbouring tribe. Please pray for a good resolution.

Work on Bible lessons needs to continue over the next few months to be able to teach continuously and reach the end of the first round of the chronological teaching by the end of the year.

The local school was on term break last week Amy had a bit more time to get organised and caught up with some things before her afternoon literacy class started again.

Aaron and Amy are glad that their co-workers, the Burkheads, are back from their home assignment and are ready to dive back into the work. They are a real blessing.


That the fluid in Aaron’s ear slowly worked its way out and that they were healthy for the rest of their travels back to the village.

For all the encouraging conversations that they have had with fellow missionaries in Senegal.

For the opportunity to be a part of His work among the Glarro people, and the open door to be able to teach His Word to those who do not yet know Him.

Please pray:

That the start of teaching God’s word will go smoothly many people will attend.

That they will be able to have good interactions with people after each lesson and throughout the week, discussing with them the things they have heard, and encouraging them to hear more of God’s Word.

For wisdom in how to divide the time between meeting with the people and sitting behind the desk working on Bible translation, literacy materials and Bible lessons.

Thank you for your prayers