Teaching and translation:

Ryan and April Beck continue to serve the Turu people in Asia-Pacific. They keep working at translating God’s Word in order to teach and train the Turu. In order to help them to help the Turu people do this, they are first teaching them to read and write their own language. This week they have started to teach their very first literacy class. Ryan will be teaching for around four hours a day through to December. Please be praying for the adult students and humility for those taking part in this class.

Jordan, their oldest son, is a sophomore in high school this year. In order to get him a good education and helpful social interactions, last week they left him in a coastal city, at a dorm for missionary kids. They are very grateful to the family who are serving as Jordan’s dorm parents and family. Jordan is now attending the international high school while they serve out in the jungle. Jordan seems to be adjusting well. However, it is really hard for all of them. They cling to God’s goodness and are confident that this is God’s best for Jordan, at this time. Please be praying for them as a family.