Teaching again

Becky Noble who teaches at Numonohi Christian Academy has appreciated your prayers for her Nan over the past year, as her health deteriorated significantly and she is now with the Lord. Although Becky is incredibly sad to lose her, it is a great comfort to know that she is with Christ, which is far better! Processing this news from afar and communicating with family in a different time zone, while navigating the start of school, has been difficult. Her funeral will be on the 19th February. Please keep praying for the family.

The weekend before school was due to start; new pandemic measures were introduced affecting all aspects of life, except inside private homes. Temperature checks, handwashing, mask-wearing and social distancing are now part of the ‘new normal’. Wearing a mask in a hot climate is not fun, but they are thankful that the government is seeking to keep everyone safe, that school is open and they are still able to gather for church etc. The start of choir had to be delayed but is able to go ahead in a new venue that will allow for social distancing. Pray it will go well and not be extra work.

Please give thanks that PNG continues to be spared from a devastating outbreak of COVID.

Although teaching again after a ten-month break has had its challenges and felt extremely busy, Becky is blessed to be back in the classroom. She is getting used to age-groups that she has not taught before and a subject she has not taught before, teaching music to primary-school age children, Tok Pisin classes (beginner & advanced) to secondary-school age and a music class for older teens who she meets with every day. As well as enjoying various practical musical activities, they are also reading a Christian book together and discussing what the Bible teaches about singing etc. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s enabling and that she would have a positive Christian influence on her students.

An answer to prayer for Becky has been to start a weekly Bible Study in Tok Pisin with two of her PNG friends. Please pray that it would be helpful and encouraging for them. It has been going well but is taking more preparation time than she anticipated.

Becky would also value prayer for her relationship with a PNG lady who has started work as her teaching assistant for the Tok Pisin classes.

Praise God for the 65 NTM missionaries who were able to arrive in PNG in January. A lot of people in quarantine on the centre in one go! Commercial travel continues to be incredibly challenging.

Becky still has a troublesome hole in her mouth over eight-weeks after her wisdom tooth was removed. She is thankful that for the most part her health has been ok over the last few weeks. There is still room for improvement but she is grateful to have started the school year without any major issues.