Teachers urgently needed

After a short time of home assignment, David and Christine Baxter have returned to the mission school in Mexico where they serve. Following two very busy days of preparations, classes started on Wednesday last week. All but three of the forty-six students were able to make it the first day. They trust that they will have a great year without many disruptions from Covid or any other sickness.

By Thursday they received word that due to health issues they would be losing two teachers. One was to teach three upper level classes, and the other was the 2nd and 3rd grade teacher. Health concerns have prevented them from teaching this year, but thankfully the prognosis is good. Please pray for them as they enter this challenging phase of life.

Please pray, for teachers and creative solutions for covering these classes. They are all stretched pretty thin, but know that God will provide for all their needs. Praise the Lord that they have a short-term teacher solution for the 2nd and 3rd graders, but they desperately need a teacher for the long-term.

David is back in the thick of maintenance and has been thankful for all the team has accomplished in his absence. Please pray for continued wisdom and safety for the team.

David and Christine are still missing suitcases from return flights. They have been offered financial compensation, but Christine has not had the time to get that process started. With phone wait times of an hour, I have yet to get through to an agent. They would appreciate your prayers as they navigate this situation.

Thank you, again, for your faithful prayers for the Lord’s work in Mexico. The situation has challenges on various levels, but the Lord is good and will protect and provide for them.