Taking the time

Over the last few weeks, Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach, who serve among the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa, were able to make some progress on Bible lessons again. They are missing Aaron’s helper who is still in a bigger town, undergoing medical treatment. From what they understand, he is doing better, but Aaron is not sure that the main problem has been resolved. Aaron will make a trip there next weekend and plans to see and talk to him, and help if he can.

Last week, two men from ‘Equip to Serve’, visited the village to continue a Bible course in Liberian English, which they had started in November. It was encouraging to see the interest of the seven people who took the time to attend. They were challenged to rethink their beliefs, and their thoughts about the Saviour. What stood out was that they had believed that someone is saved by means of baptism.

Amy’s literacy classes continued to make good progress, despite everything else that was going on.

This week Aaron will concentrate on making Bible lessons again. Then the following week, he will drive to Monrovia, to pick up a couple of men from the mission so that they can visit for a few days. They want to get a better picture of what it is like where Aaron and Amy serve, and would like to see the ‘road’ too.

Please pray:

That the seven people who attended the Bible course will be challenged by what they heard and it will bring understanding and change in their lives, and that because of it, one or more of them will help with the making of Bible lesson.

For Aaron’s helper to recover completely and return to the village.

For Aaron and Amy as they have been so busy and distracted with many things that they will find time to spend with the Lord so that their personal relationship with God does not suffer.

For Aaron’s trip to Monrovia and back with the visitors.