Taking God’s Word literally

Andrew and Nelli will be involved in training missionaries and also in building relationships with local churches and church leaders. Andrew and Nelli are so thankful to the Lord for His clear guidance so far. So, while their ministry and location is changing, their goal remains the same. They are still seeking to reach people for Christ and help others to do the same.
Andrew and Nelli value your prayers as they are now in the process of obtaining the right visa, which is a frustrating and long drawn out process.
Pray for strength for them because in their weakness this mountain that lays before them can be overwhelming at times. Pray for them to continue to be patient and wait for God’s timing in everything.
Andrew and Nelli’s co-worker in Wahgi, Levi Lenz, recently told them in an email that a believer from the tribe, came to him and explained how he had been reading through the book of 1 Timothy. Steven said that he was reading the part about caring for the widows and the Lord brought to his mind his mother’s older sister. His own mother died last year and he said that his mother’s sister doesn’t have any children to look after her and that she is very old and frail. He said that he talked to his wife about it and they decided that God would want them to bring his aunt to live with them for the remainder of her life so that they could take care of her. This believer took God at His Word and acted on it by going and doing exactly what it says. These tribal believers can be a very real example and encouragement. Keep praying for the Wahgi believers.
Nelli continues with her ladies Bible studies and discipleship. About a month ago she was asked to share with the women in the church about evangelism/discipleship/Bible study. There has been a great response to that so Nelli has been asked to do a couple of further sessions. Please pray for wisdom as she prepares for this, but most of all, pray for the Holy Spirit to revive hearts and work in lives for God’s Glory and for the furtherance of His kingdom!

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