Paul and Cathy Wright and the missionary team recently started chronological Bible teaching in the local high school (30 mins away). Almost all students attend, when school is actually on! The Principal was willing to let them teach and amazingly, all the parents consented! This is a great opportunity and they are praying that the Lord will work in the lives of these teenagers and also strengthen the young believers.
Thirty solar MP3 players have been a huge help to those who can’t read or see well.
They love listening to their Bibles and carry them with them everywhere!
The chronological lessons are being recorded; pray that through this many more will be reached with the Gospel!
This weekend a Filipino missionary is visiting to take a short conference. He and his family work with an indigenous group in the mountains. Pray for the believers’ vision to be enlarged and their hearts challenged by hearing teaching and what the Lord is doing in other areas of Palawan.
Land is becoming an issue as surveyors come through the area. Outsiders are claiming land and fencing it off. Pray for the uncertain future of their location.

The team are almost finished teaching through Hebrews on Sunday mornings and it has been great for Paul and Cathy to see people grasp the truth and challenges of this often neglected book. Every fourth week they split into groups to discuss the previous three weeks teaching.
In the Palawano culture a go-between plays an important role in fixing broken relationships. Go-betweens (whether witch doctors or religious leaders) have also been relied upon for ‘fixing’ people’s relationship with God and the spirits. Many are excited to realise that Jesus is the final and only ‘go-between’ we need, because He is “far better” than any other! His sacrifice too, is “far better” than what went before or what people can offer now! One man said that his dad tried to continue in animism and adopt what he heard from the Bible. But now he doesn’t understand how anyone, once they have heard the truth of the ‘New Covenant’ would ever want to go back!
Pray that people here would heed the warning to the Hebrews of the danger of unbelief and instead desire to live for the real thing, exercising genuine, lasting faith.

The ladies have been learning how to study the Bible. It is thrilling for the missionaries to see the Holy Spirit giving them understanding, even if they weren’t able to finish school! At the moment they are really enjoying the story of Ruth. Pray for a lady who has started attending the Bible studies. Up until recently she had been strongly opposed to the Gospel, but now she says she can’t get enough of reading the Bible and really wants to learn more!
A large part of what Paul and Cathy are doing now is writing helps and study guides in Tagalog. It is difficult for them to find the balance between preparing these helps and spending time discipling and reaching out. Both are necessary for the future of these believers, but the real genuine and lasting growth can only come from the Lord and Saviour.

Recently a man has started to show signs of new life. This man went to a youth camp with some of the other guys and now he reads continually, attends studies, witnesses to others and plays the guitar at meetings! He is studying Romans and grasping the fullness of what Christ has done. When the Spirit of God steps in and moves in someone’s life, real change and growth takes place and this is so much better than the missionaries could ever hope for with their striving and self-effort!

Paul and Cathy’s daughter Zoe likes playing with her friend Izzy and the kids at Day care and is learning to speak some Tagalog. Their youngest daughter Alethea has now turned one!

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