Sweet to hear

It’s been a very exciting month on the world front too, with another four Bible dedications and more teaching commencing in other areas of the Philippines and PNG where there are already testimonies coming from the people about the news being “sweet to hear”. Then there are others teaching or reaching out for the first time in Asia, Africa and South America. These are exciting days. Many former students are just arriving on the field or will shortly arrive this summer for the first time. Pray for their adjustments to heat, smells, sounds and cultural sensitivity along with the pain of separation from all they know and love on the other side of the ocean.
Robert and Rosemarie have seen the Lord undertaking for them and their family. They recently went to Oklahoma for the weekend to attend their grandson Asa’s birthday party, which was in one of the local swimming pools. At the end of the evening Robert was asked if he would baptise Asa, which he did, and it was a huge privilege.
Robert and Rosemarie would like you to pray with them about their forthcoming trip to England in June as there are still some details, mainly in the USA, to be put in place. Please pray they’d be a blessing to the churches and would have good fellowship with all they’re able to see and be a witness for the Lord to the unsaved people they come in contact with. Robert and Rosemarie need His guidance along the way and safety in driving, especially to stay on the right/left side of the road! Also pray that they would stay healthy over these next few weeks. Rosemarie has been to the dentist four times with one more visit before they leave. In the next two weeks Robert and Rosemarie have staff and class meetings and also the week before they leave, Robert is looking after a work team that is coming from Arizona. They’ll be putting new carpet down in the chapel and it’s a big job.

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