Surveying the Land

Agutaynen believers plan their first church building.

Upon their return to the village last in March, Stephen and Ginger Jordan have had several meetings with the believers to discuss their future church building.

Stephen and Ginger want the believers to be very involved in the process, which includes finalising the plans and the many details involved. The believers are very excited and things are moving forward. The believers chose to get the land surveyed to make sure that they knew exactly where the property lines were. Within four days, a surveyor came to the village and laid down new property markers. Thankfully, there were no surprises as to where the property line is.

Stephen met with several of the believers and together they decided that they need a water well on the property for making hollow blocks and for all the cement work that will take place during the construction of the new building. And organised for a well digger to dig the well.

Things are moving along. Together they are also preparing building plans which will be presented to obtain a building permit. This process may take a little time and they hope to find favour in the eyes the engineer who will be looking over the plans and determining the cost of the building permit. Pray for progress on transferring the land title into the name of the church.  One of the believers has diligently worked on this process for over a year now, and much has been accomplished. He says they are almost done!

Lord willing over this coming year, Stephen and Ginger will continue to share as details come together and the new church building begins construction.

Since moving back into the village Stephen and Ginger and family have also been a busy with projects around the house, getting back into school, and preparing for Sports Bible Camp, Kid’s Bible Club, Youth Group, and Sunday messages.

Please pray for the teens who attend Sports Bible Camp and for the Kid’s Bible Club and Youth Group that started in April.  Few children and teens in the village know Jesus as their Saviour.

Praise the Lord that the Agutaynen teachers were willing to continue teaching on Sundays through to the end of March and did a great job!  Please pray for Stephen as he has begun teaching again.