When the missionaries returned after being away for a month, they were surprised to see a lady and her family in the village whom they have not seen for many years.
In the early days in the tribe, the lady was a good friend to missionaries Keri and Rebecca. She is bubbly and outgoing and a really special person. Then the lady became very sick. Everyone was convinced that she was going to die, but the Lord miraculously spared her life. Several months later, she and her husband moved away from the village, and they have only seen her a few times since that time. This kind of thing often happened back then because the people would think that their illness was due to the missionaries’ presence. Therefore, they would move away. For many years she has missed out on the chance to hear God’s Word taught and has been living in spiritual darkness.
The Lord’s timing was perfect as the Bible teachers have just started another “Creation to Christ” Bible class.
Pray that the Lord would give this lady a strong hunger to hear His Word and that nothing would hinder her from attending the Bible lessons or pull her away. Pray that the Lord would continue to draw her to Himself and that she would really get a sense of her own status before a holy God and understand how much He loves her.
Also pray for her husband and their many children, that the whole family would choose to hear God’s Word as it is taught and that they would come to a clear knowledge of the truth.
Pray for another lady who is a believer and whose mother is very sick. Pray that the Lord would give her many opportunities to witness with her family and neighbours. Pray especially for uninterrupted time with her mother and that she would be able to clearly explain the way of salvation to her. (Typically when someone is sick, dozens of visitors gather around.)
Please keep Rebecca in your prayers; she has just over a week to finish a mountain of work, but she feels cautiously optimistic about how things are going! It will be great to have another seven books of the Bible translated and into the hands of the Mengen people in the days ahead.

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